Lindian Resources

Lindian Resources Limited (Lindian) is a mineral exploration company listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) and has a registered office in Perth, Western Australia.

Lindian acquired Bundok Resources Pty Ltd (Bundok) during 2011. The acquisition was a step toward establishing Lindian as a gold miner in the Philippines.

The historic production from the Masapelid Project, in the Philippines, together with past work by former explorers supports Lindian's new strategy of transforming the Company into a credible mid-tier gold and copper miner in the Philippines. The Masapelid Project will form the cornerstone of this strategy. It is the aim of Lindian to develop a cash flow as soon as possible from the Masapelid Project and build value into the Company through the exploration and development of its other mineral projects in the Philippines.

The Bundok acquisition has provided Lindian with the opportunity to build a mid-tier Gold Copper company in the Philippines, adding advanced exploration assets in known Gold and Copper locations.

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